“Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.”

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Fuck you SM.

Let me tell you something ...


Listen and listen good because some of you can’t seem to accept the reality of the situation when it is indeed very clear. Jessica did not want to leave, she may have had plans to halt her activities with the group for a while in order to further her business but she did NOT want to leave.



jessica grab snsd grab your sister grab everyone at SM and then grab your richass boyfriend and start a new company and run SM into the ground

" 2014 is the worst year for KPOP. It scares me that we still have three more months. "

─ A KPOP fan who wants 2014 to end (via struckbyastar)



Jessica was a trainee for seven years before debuting as a member of Girls Generation.

She was the first member signed to SM Entertainment. She watched as each of the members came in and she watched as potential members left.

Jessica’s been a member of SNSD for seven years. She’s dedicated over…